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Save the Children

The Right to LearnSocial Media Strategy Proposal

AfghanaidNewsletter-Spring/Summer 2012

University of Maryland

GVPT 356: International Development Capstone
Development Profile-Morocco
Project Proposal-Results for Youth Afghanistan
Project Proposal Presentation-Results for Youth Afghanistan

GVPT 355: Peacebuilding and Conflict Management Capstone

GVPT 354: Peacebuilding and International Development
Issue Brief-Human Trafficking
*Please note that this file is not an official Amnesty International document. The objective of this assignment was to take on the role of an existing organization and to produce a concise issue brief on a particular topic.
Group Presentation-Gender Equality in Ethiopia

ENGL 398N: Writing for Non-Profit Organizations

GVPT 200: International Political Relations
The Rise of China

UNIV 289A: Global Communities Capstone Experience
Research Paper-Media Literacy in the Wake of Political Uprising
Research Presentation-Media Literacy in the Wake of Political Uprising


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