From Jean-Jacques Beuze, Director of Augustine Duchange Elementary School, Roura, French Guiana:
“Andrea, our English Language Assistant, consciously and perfectly fulfills her mission among the students of our school. Her professionalism and investment in the activities of our academic team demonstrate her integration into our educational community.”

From Jenny Russell, Director, Global Development and Aid Effectiveness, Public Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children, Washington, D.C.:
“Andrea was the most talented intern I have ever encountered in my career.

Andrea has the whole package – she is extremely bright, has excellent judgment, is hard working, and has fantastic skills in a range of areas – research, writing (short communications pieces like letters and blogs and longer research papers), event planning, project management, fundraising policy analysis, and social media. What most impressed me about Andrea is her willingness to go the extra mile. She exceeded my expectations on every project I gave her.

Andrea is an outstanding worker and colleague. She is extremely motivated and completes projects comprehensively and on time that need little editing or revision. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a joy to work with.   

Only a few months after Andrea started her work with Save the Children, I put Andrea in charge of a high-level breakfast event, hosted by Save the Children’s President and CEO and attended by 30 high level officials from the US government, private sector, NGO and academia. A major Save the Children publication was released at this event. Andrea handled all dimensions of the event from logistics to CEO talking points to photo slide show. The event was flawless and Andrea deserves much of the credit.”

From Meredy Talbot-Zorn, Manager, Global Development, Public Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children, Washington, D.C.:
“Andrea has exceptional organizational skills. She is adept at balancing multiple projects and responding quickly and calmly to urgent requests. She is incredibly organized, with acute attention to detail, and a tendency to anticipate the needs of other team members. Andrea is patient, positive, reliable, and truly thrived in the fast-paced and demanding work environment of Save the Children.

Andrea is a strong and deliberate writer, communicator, and listener. From drafting post-2015 talking points for our President & CEO, to social media toolkits for the global movement, I was always impressed with Andrea’s ability to command facts and the art of storytelling, and tailor her writing to her audience and objectives. Andrea is an intellectually curious person, and I imagine that her teaching experience has significantly deepened and broadened her already expansive knowledge of global education issues.

Andrea is dedicated to children’s right to learn. As a global development policy intern with PPA, Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School, and a teaching assistant in French Guiana, Andrea has served in various capacities along the policy-to-practice continuum and knows where she wants to be: creating lasting change for kids. She knows this aspires to build a career in global education.”

From Cate Kennedy, Coordinator, Public Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children, Washington, D.C.:
“Andrea is very professional and highly organized. While an intern at Save the Children, Andrea proved she was a quick study and could balance multiple demanding projects at once. Additionally, Andrea is analytical and resourceful, making her a huge asset to any team. Above all, she brings a ‘can do’ attitude to her projects and is a pleasure to work with.”

From Michael Flatt, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Students Gone Global:
“Andrea served as our Media Outreach Intern early on in our startup. We needed someone with a “go getter” attitude who could single handedly develop an outreach plan for us to increase our user base and external visibility and Andrea was more than willing to step in to this role. Not only did she do her job well, but Andrea also provided the senior management team with innovative new ideas for taking our outreach program to higher levels. I would recommend her to any business organization.”

From Dave Matthews, Co-Founder at Students Gone Global:
“Andrea was one of our best interns at Students Gone Global. We threw a variety of projects her way and she met every deadline and exceeded expectations. She was a key contributor and one of the initial inspirations to our Campus Reps Program. I was most impressed by her work ethic and enthusiasm. She was a great addition to our team and would recommend her for any future employer.”

From Amanda Curley, UK Fundraising Manager at Afghanaid, London, United Kingdom:
“Andrea Glauber was a pleasure to work with. She has a diversity of skills and where she hasn’t acquired knowledge she is keen to learn. Andrea assisted with major event planning, online and video editing, written communications and design as well as leading on a number of administrative duties. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills. As a manager you can be confident Andrea is able to work independently and provide a high quality product. She is also an outstanding a team member who fit into the London Afghanaid office very nicely.”

Please contact me for additional references and recommendations.


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